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 Server info: ranking system

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Ecpe Team
Ecpe Team

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Server info: ranking system Empty
PostSubject: Server info: ranking system   Server info: ranking system EmptySat May 30, 2015 12:43 pm

You cannot ask for staff in game or in forum plss make an staff application if you wanna became one.

Builder: People can get promoted to builder if Admins see your true potential at building stuffs.

Mods: Mods is the 6th tier of the ECPE Staff team.

Head Builer: the Head Builder is the manager of the builders and he/she haved the greatest building skill

Admin: Admin is the 4th tier of the ECPE Team they haved more power than other 4. The rank can only be obtainable at the trusts of the staff especially the Owner and the Co Owner

Head Admin: Head admin is the manager of the admins.
He/she can report the admins at the Owner and the Co Owner

Co-Owner: the Co Owner is the second incharge and the second most powerful staff in the server

Owner: the Owner is the creator and the most powerful staff in the server

The Owner and Co-Owner rank can only be obtainable when they retire.
The head admin, admin, head builder, mod, and builder,
can only be obtainable by Staff Application and the Trust of admin.

For more information pls ask at the Owner's kik or Co Owner's kik. Thank you.

-ECPE Team
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Server info: ranking system
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