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 Application Guide

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Ecpe Team
Ecpe Team

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PostSubject: Application Guide   Application Guide EmptySat May 30, 2015 11:19 am

Dear Applicant, first of all I want to say that we are very happy that you want to become a part of our awesome staff, we do not allow everyone to become a staff member though. There are strict rules and guidelines you have to follow as a member of our staff. In this guide I hope to tell you everything you need to know about applying for staff, becoming staff, and the concept of being a staff.

A: Applying for Staff

Your application on the forums:

First impressions matter a lot, and applications are no difference. We all live in different time zones and most of our admins will not see you in game. That is why applications are so vitally important. Because we have had really bad application in the past we have made a form for you to fill in. That form contains all the information that is essential to us, and we want you to at least give an answer to those questions. But that is only a part of it, your application should also contain a bit of yourself, show us that you are different from the rest and that you are a valuable addition to our team.

If you want to apply for staff you need to register on the forums and create a new topic here in the "Staff Applications" forum. Make sure your in game name is in the title! Then copy the form and answer the questions. The more information the better, small anecdotes are always appreciated.

What not to do:

- Do not ask admins to please promote you, they wont and begging will only reduce your chances
- Do not ask admins what they think of you, they find this highly annoying. If you want feedback send a message to NewChar on the forums or try to make contact with him in game. He will not make the final decision but is always there for feedback or help.
- Do not talk other people applications down, we only listen to recommendations.
- Do not bribe other players to submit positive feedback on your application.
- Applications are not a joke, try to be serious when you create them. If you do this you WILL BE BANNED from the group and server

B: Being Accpted
After you submit the aplication you can wait and hope that you will be accepted. Remember the chances is very small. You will be accepted if there is an opening or a staff is behaving badly. We will be emailed or will be messaged on kik

C: Becoming a staff

We believe everyone should have a fair chance to actually prove themselves as a staff, that is why almost everyone who applies gets to prove themselves to the server as a Candidate. There are two reasons however that will make us decide not to give you the chance.

Reasons why you may not be promoted, these are some but not all of the reasons you may not be promoted.

1. Not putting in enough effort, If you do not put enough effort in your application, we will not take it in consideration. We have no need for unmotivated staff members.
2. Hurting the name of the staff or the server when promoted. This applies to hackers, spammers, beggars, but also to players that use offensieve or foreign language on the server, or on the forums. Basically anyone who doesn't follow the rules.
3. Lacking maturity, this is a hard one as we cant expect our younger player-base to be as mature as we would like from our staff members. However we decided to base our decisions on how mature we think players are, and not restrict applications on age.
4. Lack of activity, if you are not online enough, you will not be very much use to us as a staff member and we will likely choose someone else over you.

We will decide about WHAT Kind of staff you will be. We will know what kind of staff when we see what performance at in game,forums, and the application.

Do not forget this Have and Make a Good fun.

-ECPE Staff Team
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PostSubject: Re: Application Guide   Application Guide EmptyMon Jun 01, 2015 2:39 pm

Ok broo
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Application Guide
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