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Ecpe Team
Ecpe Team

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PostSubject: SERVER RULES   SERVER RULES EmptySat May 30, 2015 9:53 am

Server Rules
1. DO NOT Ask for Op.Staff.Cmode.Items.Money to Ecpe Staff Team
2. Griefing is EXTREMELY Banned.
3. RESPECT Staffs and ops
4. Do not Place Lava
5. DONT do caps
6. DO NOT Fight or Cussing at the Chat
7. DONT Annoy admins or op if they are doing something
8. DONT Spam in Chat
9. No Racism Or sexism like that things
10. NO Advertising
11. DO NOT Spam the chat
12. NO Complaining about lag and kick

ECPE Staff Rule

1.ALL Staffs should follow normal rules
2. DONT Give op.vip.staff at normal players
3. Respect guess and other admins
4. DONT Types /stop
5. DO NOT Place lava and bedrocks without permission
6. Dont put mobs
7. DONT Give random money at guests without perms
8. If staffs left/ have a break at E.C.P.E and got demoted They can resubmit a staff app, but staffs need to stay at server for at least for 1-4 weeks and follow all existed rules this includes server, Forum, and rules of the real government. (THIS NEED TO BE SUBMITED BY FORM, STAFF SHOULD NOT REAPPLY BY JUST SAYING IT AT KIK, EMAIL, SKYPE, ETC... ALL STAFFS SHOULD BE FAIR NO SPECIAL STAFF. THIS WILL DECREASE OF CHANCES TO BECOME A STAFF AGAIN)

More rules is not added there.

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